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Best Cancer Charity To Donate

What is the Best Cancer Charity to Donate To?

There are so many cancer charities that it's hard to decide which ones to donate to. When you think more about this issue, you'll realize that there really isn't just one best cancer charity to donate to. Instead, there's a handful in every area. Some are dedicated to research, some to helping patients, some to patients' families, and some to awareness and education. The best thing to do would actually be to donate to all of them, but most individuals don't have the funds to make a meaningful contribution to so many different organizations.

This is where the Student Movement Against Cancer (SMAC) comes in. It is a high school-based charity that currently has 17 chapters, but is seeking to expand across the country. This group holds fundraisers for cancer donations, and then divides those donations to a variety of worthy non-profit recipients. Since it aggregates the donations of many individuals, it is able to provide a meaningful amount of funding to each recipient.

You will find that SMAC's efforts to get cancer donations aren't just the same old boring stuff. Instead, each chapter puts on its own unique and attention-getting events. This is mostly because the chapters are run by students, and students will set up events with what they think is interesting instead of what someone in some other state has been doing for 50 years. They know that 50-year-old methods are boring, and that nobody wants to come to a boring event. Students also want to have fun themselves, and go about things with a livelier mindset.

When you donate at a SMAC fundraiser, you can donate to kids with cancer, organizations working on cures, and parents of cancer patients all at once. Your donation will be combined with up to hundreds of others to create a large donation packet. Once this is divided, there will still be enough to help each organization on the local SMAC chapter's list.

Which organizations will be on each SMAC chapter's list will vary. This is because some of the money goes to local hospitals and other cancer-related organizations. There is also some overlap between the chapters, because many of the research non-profits are national organizations.

If there is no SMAC chapter near you, you can still donate to kids with cancer or to other specific causes by contacting local health organizations. However, if you are a teenager, consider opening a chapter of your own in your school. If you're older, but know a high-schooler, encourage him or her to open a chapter instead. The more chapters there are, the stronger fundraising efforts will get.

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