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Cancer Charity Organization

A Cancer Charity Organization for Students

There are many non-profits dedicated to fighting cancer, but most of them follow the same basic formula of soliciting money from adults. This leaves younger people feeling sidelined and gives them no direct path to help combat this awful disease. Since many young people have already had relatives afflicted by cancer or even suffered from it themselves, this represents a wasted opportunity.

The Student Movement Against Cancer aims to rectify this situation. It is a non-profit cancer organization that operates through chapters associated with schools. These allow student-aged people to harness their tremendous energy and focus it on the beneficial goal of finding cures.

This cancer charity organization lets students organize fundraising events, and promises that the experience will look good on resumes. It also aims to reach its goals through ways that are fun for students instead of sticking to boring 5k walks and similar events. The students often choose their own fundraising methods, so there is variance between schools, counties, and states. Students also get plenty of guidance from the main cancer charity organization, so they aren't left wondering what to do for their next steps.

Because of these benefits, many youngsters say that the Student Movement Against Cancer is the best cancer non-profit they have worked with. It not only welcomes people under 18, but is expressly set up with them in mind. This allows for full participation at the local level, including leadership roles.

Leadership roles abound for students because the youngsters are able to start chapters at their own schools if none already exist. This puts more power into the hands of students than most non-profits have even considered, let alone put into practice. Once a chapter is formed, students begin to work towards raising funds that will be dedicated to finding cancer cures.

Multiple cures are needed for cancer because there are many forms of this disease. Many of these forms only respond to one or a few types of treatments, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution. This is one of the reasons cancer has not yet been defeated. It is also why it takes so many donations to make a meaningful impact in the battle to defeat all forms of the disease.

The diligence of students, combined with the best cancer non-profit for young people, makes it so that far more funds can be raised than would otherwise be possible. Students, teachers, school administrators, and even government officials should make sure that everyone knows about the Student Movement Against Cancer. The more chapters are formed, the faster fundraising can begin and the more studies can be funded.

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