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Cancer Fundraising Events

Are There Any Exciting Cancer Fundraising Events?

If you're under 18, you may find that most of the long-running cancer fundraising events aren't all that exciting for you. However, this is changing thanks to the emergence of the Student Movement Against Cancer, also known as SMAC. This organization is looking to start new chapters in high schools across America. These chapters are to be run by the students, rather than by adults who are used to doing things the same way every time. As a chapter founder or a member, you'll be able to devise fun cancer fundraising events yourself. These events won't be boring, because if they seem like they will be, your chapter will pick something else!

Working at one of your own fundraising events is one of the best cancer volunteer opportunities. You'll really want to be there, because it'll be your chapter that set it up in the first place. You won't have to search for a place to "cancer volunteer near me," either, since it'll be your chapter that's behind the event. Instead, people will find YOU by looking for "cancer volunteer near me!"

Exactly what your chapter's cancer volunteer opportunities will be like is entirely up to you and your chapter. If you choose to host a concert, you may find yourself working in the ticket booth and then cleaning up once the audience leaves. Alternatively, you might want to host a carnival-like event with games and prizes, at which point you'll be running one of the booths or standing at the entrance selling admission tickets. These are just some of the possibilities. The options are truly endless when young people are involved, because you haven't had anyone telling you that there is just "one true way" for 30 years. That kind of programming is hard to override, so it's best to get started before you're exposed to it. Once you see all of the things you can do to raise money to fight cancer, you won't want to just do what everyone else is anyway.

Of course, the main SMAC organization will be glad to provide any help your chapter needs in order to be successful. Therefore, you don't have to worry about "being on your own" turning into "feeling lost." They will give tips, provide promotional materials to get more members for your chapter, and offer a list of suggested cancer research charities and hospitals for you to send the donations to after your event. This guidance will give you the firm foundation you need in order to be able to fully enjoy the fun part, gain more members, and become as successful as possible in your anti-cancer work.

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