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Cancer Research Charity

Cancer Research Charity Options

With all of the cancer research charity options, it's often hard to decide on which ones to donate to. One group that is working to overcome this problem is the Student Movement Against Cancer (SMAC), which operates through school-based chapters. These chapters are run by students, and they use the funds they raise to contribute to established cancer-related charities. By holding fundraisers themselves, they not only bring more money to the overall cause, but allow multiple charities to benefit from meaningfully-large contributions.

This method of operation makes things much easier for regular individuals, who would otherwise have to search for things like "Stand Up to Cancer donate." While donating to Stand Up to Cancer will get funds into the hands of cancer-related organizations, a large group like this will have higher overhead in the form of paid salaries. It also isn't very fun to just donate online. Going to a SMAC fundraiser will provide donors and chapter members with a memorable experience. It will also ensure that more of the donated funds make it to the end-organizations since there is little overhead: The student members are unpaid volunteers, and their building is their school.

The cancer research charity chosen by each SMAC chapter is a nationwide organization that is well-established. SMAC donations are also sent out to organizations like cancer awareness groups, charities for kids with cancer, and groups that help patients and their families. This allows many cancer-related activities to be funded with just one fundraiser. The group's fundraising events are also fun, new, and youthful thanks to the age of the organizers. If you are lucky enough to have a SMAC chapter near you, be sure to check out the live experience!

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