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Cancer Research Fundraising

SMAC Cancer Brings Fun to Cancer Research Fundraising

Cancer research fundraising is essential to the continuation of studies for curing the disease. Alas, it is often quite boring. You will see plenty of walks, runs, and auctions held to raise money for cancer-related causes, but once you've participated in one or two, the thrill wears off. This is a problem faced by the typical cancer research organization, but few have successfully conquered it.

One that has a great chance at overcoming the boredom factor is the Student Movement Against Cancer, or SMAC. A SMAC cancer fundraiser will almost surely be unique because this organization's chapters are operated by students who are typically of high-school age. High-schoolers won't automatically default to a method that has been done since 1900. Instead, they'll explicitly seek to create new events and put new twists on older ones.

This makes cancer research fundraising fun for those who are setting up the events, and this is essential for making these events fun for attendees. People who attend will surely feel the excitement when they are met by smiling, eager students instead of older people who act like they're grinding through their 10,000th event. In turn, attendees will be more eager to donate and keep the enthusiasm going.

Most of the money raised by SMAC cancer chapters goes to a cancer research organization to continue seeking cures for this disease. Some, however, are earmarked to help cancer patients. This allows donations to help with both current needs and future improvements.

SMAC cancer currently has 17 school-based chapters, but aims to eventually have a chapter in every school in the United States. Its first chapter was founded to support Rob Matter, then 17 years old, who had at the time just been diagnosed with testicular cancer. His friends shaved their heads and raised funds to support him, and then went on to found SMAC so that someday, no one would have to deal with cancer again. As of SMAC's last update, it had spread to 16 other schools and raised over $2 million in funds for fighting cancer and helping patients. This funding has been sent on to local hospitals, cancer research organizations, and awareness organizations. It also helps the Rob Matter Scholarship Fund.

To start a chapter at your school, contact the Student Movement Against Cancer today. They are happy to help with getting started, operations, and with the distribution of funds to worthy cancer-related organizations. You'll find that running or being part of a SMAC chapter is fun, rewarding, and invigorating in ways that adult-oriented charities cannot match.

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