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Student Movement Against Cancer

The Student Movement Against Cancer Brings New Ways to Raise Money for Cancer Patients

The Student Movement Against Cancer is a relatively new non-profit dedicated to fighting cancer, raising cancer awareness, and raising money for cancer patients. What makes it so unique is that it is focused on public school-aged students instead of adults. Students form their own chapters within their schools, rather than just tagging along in adult-oriented organizations. This unleashes their creativity and energy in ways that no adult-centric organization can. Since they are not hidebound by years of doing fundraising in only a few ways, they often come up with ideas that would be unheard-of in one of the long-established anti-cancer groups.

One of the ways this stands out is in how they raise money for cancer patients. Each chapter devises its own fundraisers, so you don't see the endless walks and auctions that are held by older organizations. While some may use these methods, you may also see car washes, bake sales, carnival-like events, music shows, and more. Each chapter will choose the methods it thinks will work best. Since every area has different activities that are popular, there is a lot of variation between states and even individual schools.

The Student Movement Against Cancer has been highly successful at opening up new chapters because it doesn't just raise money for cancer patients or for cures. It also offers benefits to its student members. Being a member and participating in organizing fundraisers is a resume booster, so the career-minded are interested in this aspect. It's also fun to be a member since everything isn't dictated by adults. Of course, the main organization is adult-run in order to ensure that all legal requirements are properly followed and that the funds raised get to where they are supposed to, so donors don't have anything to worry about in these regards.

Students also enjoy the Student Movement Against Cancer because membership allows them to make a meaningful, positive difference in the world in a non-politicized way. This allows for cooperation at levels that other organizations may not. Since young people have plenty of energy to put into causes they care about, it also means that they have a higher chance of  making an impact than similar organizations with older members. Youngsters love to be empowered, so they are eager to get into this movement.

Finally, kids get some cheer from the organization's acronym: SMAC. One of SMAC's recruitment posters even highlights this fact by mentioning that it's "fun to say." It also gives a good preview of the fun and excitement to be had as a member.

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